Crypts - Coven of the Dead (12" Black Vinyl LP)

  • Crypts - Coven of the Dead (12" Black Vinyl LP)
  • Crypts - Coven of the Dead (12" Black Vinyl LP)
  • Crypts - Coven of the Dead (12" Black Vinyl LP)
  • Crypts - Coven of the Dead (12" Black Vinyl LP)

Media: LP

Label : This Charming Man
Press : TCM 121
Year : 2021

New or Used : New

Info : "
With a band name like Crypts and an album cover like the one to be found on their debut full length “Coven of the Dead” it is not too hard to guess what kind of music to expect.
Clocking in at roughly 32 minutes and offering seven hymns of foul music from ghastly caverns it becomes immediately clear that Crypts have no intention to reinvent the wheel or offer an unorthodox take on the genre by any means. Their approach is to take some of the records and bands which might have been their personal favorites back in the days and carefully pick elements from each, combining them in a homogenous way and add their own flavor to the mix. One aspect which makes this record such a smooth listen is the fact that despite presenting some kind of a genre best-of the band’s style is distinctive enough to stand out from the pack. Their sound is rooted somewhere between the Florida school, classic Stockholm vibes and some other European acts like Benediction or Sinister, but Crypts also have thrown in some slightly more technical patterns.
Some of the best parts are produced when Crypts unleash some unexpected melody or macabre atmosphere. Although these sections aren’t the norm and used sparingly, they are impressive when they appear and enhance the band’s overall offering significantly. In other moments subtly dissonant melodies are woven between the monolithic drums and titan chords, lending the album as a whole enough variation to keep the listener engaged during the whole time. The songwriting is on point and while the big surprises have been spared there is enough meat to pick from the bone even for seasoned death metal fans without any filler material to be found.
Crypts might not win any awards for innovation, but as long as you approach “Coven of the Dead” with the right mind-set you will find one of the best old school death metal gems of the year. Collectors should hurry up to grab a physical copy [...] from one of the hottest prospects of the genre."

Info text taken from:
Edmund Sackbauer, September 1st, 2021 on Encyclopedia Metallum

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